RELIFE 183℃ solder paste RL-402 RL-402




RELIFE 183℃ solder paste RL-402 RL-402
Name: RELIFE 183℃ solder paste RL-402
Model: RL-402
1.RELIFE ,real quality ,born for mobile repair.
2.RELIFE 183℃ solder paste ,unique manufacturing of solder paste technology, giving a new definition of tin-based technology.
3.Special choose No. 4 solder material, Sn63/Pb3 ,exquisite,less residual,Special for mobile repair.
4.Packaging materials use first-grade raw materials, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
5.Backed by tinning technology.not only need skilled craftsmanship, but also need RELIFE solder paste.


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