Aluminum Alloy Pad Microscope Moveable WL


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Aluminum Alloy Pad Microscope Moveable Fixed Base Soldering Mat With Slide Base and Screwdriver Holder
for PCB Motherboard Repair

Part: Aluminium Alloy Integrated Maintenance Platform With Microscope Base + Adjustable Rail

Condition: New


The maintenance base is made of aluminium alloy
Anti-static rubber mat, anti-corrosive, high temperature resistant
Handy cut outs and locations to place tools, solder equipment and other vital materials
14 hole screwdriver holder, rotates for easy quick access
Microscope can be screwed onto the top of the station onto a useful railroad track

Full product size: 468 x 318 x 38mm
Rubber mat size: 327 x 198 x 4mm
Colour: Matte black & Red

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