Emate X




E-Mate X MOORC eMate 13 in 1 EMMC Tool BGA Socket for Easy JTAG Plus / UFI / RIFF / Medusa Pro Box

Support for BGA 529 168 100 136 254 221 168 153 186 162
Can disassemble, clear, change pin at any time, can use for a long time, can work all box to read/write full flash
Time saving but easy to operate, Stable and efficient
Intelligent: just read it, operate the programming, reading the chip ROM1 USER DATA with just a key.
Speed: eMMC which read-write speed could be 33MB per second. Its speed is related to the eMMC version.
Simple: it is no need to choose the font type. The interface is simple and easy to use. which support all the chip package of eMMC
Reliable: special machine design of the third generation eMMC, special power supply, independent over current protection

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Weight .800 kg