JC AIXUN P2408 Intelligent Regulated Power Supply


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  • Aixun P2408 Mainboard Short Circuit Intelligent Voltage Stabilization Repair Power Supply


    • Intelligent regulated power supply, fast and concentrated monitoring of iPhone and Android phones
    • Burn-in detection and maintenance, 24V/8A intelligent adjustable DC stabilized power supply compatible
    • Fast charging detection for iPhone and Android phones supports multiple protocols of PD and QC3.0, real-time detection of fast charging voltage and current to meet fast charging needs
    • One-key safe boot, real-time monitoring
    • Provide IP 6-13 series battery protocol to realize one-key startup and real-time monitoring of startup current
    • 24V/8A DC adjustable power supply comes with mobile phone burn-in detection and repair Support 0.5V, 0.9V, 1.3V, 1.8V, and other power supplies burn-in test, can customize the voltage and current
    • Pointer, curve, digital display, intelligent comprehensive monitoring, three styles of the display, belong to your characteristic regulated power supply



    • Name: Intelligent voltage regulator power supply
    • Brand: AIXUN
    • Model: P2408
    • Color: Deep space grey
    • Size: 175*110*52mm
    • Quick charge: PD quick charge, QC3.0
    • Input voltage: 20V
    • Output voltage: 0-24V
    • Input frequency:50Hz
    • Output current: 0-8A
    • Display resolution: voltage: 0.01V/current: 0.001A


    Package includes:

    • 1 x Host
    • 1 x 1 to 4 power cable
    • 1 x Power Cord
    • 1 x Ground wire
    • 1 x Alligator wire
    • 3 x Boot cables(optional)
    • 6 X Flex Cable X to 12 Pro Max


    PD fast charge and QC3.0 fast charge cannot be tested at the same time, otherwise, the test accuracy will be affected


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