JC V1S 4 in one


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JC V1S Dot Matrix for iphone Face ID Not Working Fix Dot Matrix Cable Dot Projector Board Screen Battery Fingerprint Programmer

for iPhone X / XS / XS Max / XR / 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro MAX.

Battery detection board : Automatically read battery information, distinguish original or non-original, support to edit battery information
Fingerprint board : Automatically read the phone’s fingerprint serial number, support writing the fingerprint serial number into JC home button
Dot projector detection board ( to launch soon ): Dot projector data read and write

Features :

Support to detect whether the face matrix is ​​normal, fusing, NTC disconnection, IC disconnection, short circuit, etc.
Dismantling, compatible with all brands dot projector chips / cables.

Unique design, read phone directly without dismantling, compatible with all brands dot projector chips/cables
Supported Models: iPhone X-11 Pro Max / iPad A12X
Support dot projector data read and write
Collocating with JC dot projector flex cables to perfectly repair face ID “Move higher, move lower” problem for full series models
Perfect coordination of the 3 buttons to fulfill easy detection, read and write
PC free to work separately for read and write, also support data backup to PC by work on JC repair assistant
For V1S regular users, just connect to PC and update the software on JC Repair Assistant, then could obtain the dot projector repair function