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iTools 7x-55x Zoom Stereo Binocular Microscope for repairs


Inc 45 45 ° inclined 360 ° rotatable 7X-55X continuous-zoom stereo binocular microscope head


Includes ٫ It includes a pair of focusable 10X / 20mm high-eyepoint, super wide-field eyepieces


The iTools 0655HT Digital Loop has a 1 * 2cm base and a working height of 4mm. This lens has a WF10X mm lens and zooms up to 5x the body. Retainer clamps have magnetic properties which are very suitable for holding boards and do not damage them. The LED lamp is adjustable and has a separate plug. The camera is mounted on the camera and can be easily mounted on the camera’s three-eyed lens. The quality and zoom of this camera is similar to the Jaxon AK10 and the only difference is the addition of a third eye to install the camera. The beautiful color scheme of this product also gives your desk another look.


Features two WF10X / 20mm lenses

2mm working distance

LED or UV lamp


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