RL M3T-2L Trinocular HD Stereo Microscope With 2 LED sources


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Relife RL-M3T-2L 0.7-4.5X Trinocular HD Stereo Microscope


  • Comes with the light source
  • Trinocular HD Stereo Microscope
  • Suitable for PCB board, electronic components, mobile phone repair, etc.
  • The high-definition coated objective lens, no glare, clear picture, every small detail is manufactured by multi-layer precision technology
  • Comes with the lighting system, no external light source needed, upper and lower light sources, LED reflected light, LED transmitted light illumination
  • Independently adjustable brightness, LED reflected light, LED transmitted light illumination
  • 0.7-4.5 continuous zoom focusing, 7-45 times optical zoom
  • 45° tilt observation head
  • The microscope base can be rotated 360° freely
  • High-quality soft rubber eye mask
  • Improve work comfort
  • 52-75mm large field of view
  • The binocular tube can be opened to both sides
  • Comes with a high-quality lighting device, adjustable angle, adjustable brightness
  • The bottom adopts high-quality big lamp beads, and the light is even
  • 95mm diameter glass stage, high definition and high transparency
  • Multiple protections, safe and secure
  • Three-hole power socket, independent light source switch
  • SZM CTV 1/2 to interface
  • External industrial electronic camera, display screen, high-definition display
  • The bottom is designed with full heat dissipation holes, which is ventilated and breathable to reduce the temperature of the machine

Package includes:
1 x Relife RL-M3T-2L Trinocular HD Stereo Microscope

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