Soldering Iron BAku 936E




BK-936E mini desoldering station soldering iron, mobile phone digital industrial soldering station repair tool
Rated power 50W

Output voltage: 24V
Temperature range: 200 ° C – 480 ° C ,Accuracy ± 1 ° C.
Size: 260*220*120mm

Features: This product uses automatic PID control technology, the handle is particularly lightweight, suitable for prolonged use, the temperature is accurate, stable and intuitive, and the definition setting range is 200~480°C.
Welding head adopts high quality statistical structure
Copper base structure makes heat transfer more efficient, making work easier
Electroplated layer is dense, after anti-corrosion treatment, longer life, durable
Pre-tinned solder tips can make solder uniform and prevent oxidation

1. Heating speed is fast.
2.450 ° C reached in less than a minute.
3. Variable power from 1 to 18W, 50 ~ 450 °C.
4. Power saving up to 70%.
5. The heater has a long life.
6. The product can be used continuously for 24 hours.
7. The operation is simple and convenient.

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