SQTD-B39 4K Trinocular Microscope Camera ULTRA HD


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SQTD-B39 4K Trinocular Microscope Camera ULTRA HD Industrial Level CCD Digital Detector

Sensor IMX377
Effective pixel 12 million
Resolution 3840* 2160@30FPS 1920* 1080@60FPS
Output interface HDMI
Pixel size 1.55UM*1.55UM
Power Supply DC-12V/1A
Function basic function HDMI 4K output with simple measuring crosshair
Image quality adjustment Exposure, color
Camera function Horizontal/vertical mirror image, freezing image, photographing and video recording
Gridlines The color and thickness of the horizontal line, vertical line, and center mark can be defined by yourself
Resolving power 3840*2160 1920*1080
Standard accessories Dc-12v / 1A power supply

Package includes:
1 x Camera
1 x HDMI Cable
1 x USB Cable
1 x Remote (not include battery)

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