SUNSHINIE TB-03 PCB Infrared Camera 2nd Generation


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RELIFE TB-03 Dual optical camera Infrared imaging rapid diagnosis instrument
SUNSHINIE TB-03 PCB Infrared Imaging The 2nd Generation Of Double Light Speed Diagnosis Instrument


-High contrast display
-High temperature alarm
-3 color modes
-Precise positioning
-One-click quick check
-Dual optical camera

The infrared camera can easily detect the abnormal area of the motherboard, and the visible light camera can extract the outline of the motherboard, flexibly enlarge the details of the motherboard, and quickly and accurately detect the problem
It is not only a short-circuit quick diagnosis instrument, but also an electron microscope, snapshot/video, can detect temperature alarm, temperature can be manually adjusted according to the situation, desoldering the motherboard can monitor whether the temperature reaches the melting point,
Support the detection of all models/brands of mobile phone motherboards and other products with motherboards, etc.
Use the SUNSHINE power cord to provide power to the motherboard, adjust the display mode to thermal imaging mode, and turn on the software quick check function to detect faulty parts


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