Ultrasonic Cleaner


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Model: ba-2000
Type: LED indicator light
Voltage: 2200V-40HZ
Power: 60W
Working frequency: 40khz
Tank Capacity: 3.36L
Color: Sliver
Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel


Ultrasonic Cleaner BK-2000 is used for Jewelry, Glasses, Commodities, Stationery and metal Articles etc.

1. SUS304 stainless steel cleaning tank stamping forming, no welding, waterproof performance is good.

2. This product with a constant temperature function LED digital display temperature in the range of 0-80 adjustable, can be added into oil and wax, decontamination effect is remarkable.

3. The working hours of LED digital display 1–99 minutes arbitrary is adjustable, precise calculation for the second to meet the different needs of the cleaning.

4. 6L and above contains drainage and heat sink device with wayward design, quick to remove the waste water after cleaning.

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