Universal Battery Activation Board SS-915 Upgrade


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SS-915 Universal Battery Activation Board Fast Charging With USB Cable for iPhone Samsung Android HTC HUAWEI XIAOMI Phone Repair


1.High current intelligent fast charging IC upgrade

2. It automatically recognizes the positive / negative sides of the battery, realizes that it is used when inserted.
> To be able to activate the battery that goes into sleep mode and then the battery can be used normally.

3. The current can come to a maximum of 2A charging battery.

4. Over current protection. When the current is over 2A, it automatically cuts off for protection.

5. Short curcuit test. It can test whether the battery is in short circuit condition

Compatible with:

For most of smartphones, for iPhone / HTC / SONY / HUAWE / Oppo / VIVo / ZTE / BBK / LENOVO / LETVMI / MOTO / MEIZU / NUBIYA1 + etc.

Package Included:

1x SS-915 universal battery activation board

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