WD-I1600L Digital Microscope High Definition Display、Photography, Video Recording&Storage


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WD-I1600L Digital Microscope,High Definition Display、Photography, Video Recording and Storage in One,Simple operation, wide application, can be applied in the following areas:

1.1.Studies in zoology, botany, entomology, histology, mineralogy, archaeology, geology and dermatology;

1.2.In the textile industry, for testing raw materials and cotton and wool fabrics;

1.3.In the electronic industry, as a transistor spot welding, inspection and other operating tools;

1.4.Examination of surface phenomena such as crack composition, pore shape and corrosion of various materials;

1.5.In the manufacture of small precision parts, it is used for the observation of machine tools, working process, inspection of precision parts and assembly tools.;

1.6.Surface Quality of Lens, Prisms or Other Transparent Substances and Quality Inspection of Precision Calibration;

1.7.Widely used in textile products, chemical, plastic products, electronic manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, printing, universities, archaeological research and many other fields.。

LCD Size 10.6 inch IPS

Resolving power 1920*1080

Digital parameters Sensitive Resolution 4592*3072

Photo Pixel 1600w

Video Resolution/Frame Speed 1080p/60fps

function Automatic exposure, exposure offset, automatic white balance, multiple measurement methods, local storage of photo and video

Storage mode SD卡

Measurement function Support

External equipment Projector, Display

Optical parameters Classification of objective lenses Continuous zoom lens

Objective magnification 0.7X~4.5X

Platform parameters Lighting mode LED Continuous adjustable light source

focusing range 42mm

Working distance 105mm

Column Column

Bracket size 380mm*260mm*20mm

Power supply mode DC12V


Fault phenomena Possible causes Exclusion method

Black screen LEDClose Open LED

Is the power adapter on? Check the cable connection to see if the adapter is working

The picture is blurred and can’t be seen clearly. The lens is dirty Clean with lens paper

Focus incorrectly Adjusting Focus

Screen flickering Instability of power input Replacement of the same parameter power adapter

In the course of observation, the subject descends and the image is not clear. Focusing handwheel is too loose Appropriate locking

Insufficient brightness of display screen Incorrect input parameters of power supply Replacement of power supply

LED light source is not bright enough Adjust brightness knob to increase brightness

Low Exposure Compensation Increase exposure compensation

Key operation failure Accidental crash Restart instrument

Unstable operation screen keys Fixed screw not tightened Tighten the fixing screw

Observing objects display reflections on the screen The problem of illumination of light source Switch the channel of the light source, adjust the angle position of the light source until the best state.

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